Jessie Gill

Jessie holds a BFA from NYU Tisch and earned the Tisch Drama Award for Excellence in Film/TV. She has written and produced a plethora of films, TV episodes, shorts, and live comedy shows alongside Joey Soloway, Robert Rodriguez, Shonda Rhimes, Zackary Drucker, Jenny Yang, and many, many others.

She’s an award-winning writer (Austin Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Portland Film Festival) who has lent her skills to SMOSH, Topple Productions (Transparent), Snapchat (Snap Originals), Women’s Media Center, Art of This Millenium, and Player Edition. She not only is a narrative screenwriter, but versed in interactive storytelling as well. Jessie strives to express herself and her ideas through a wide variety of mediums, aiming to help others feel seen, loved, and accepted by the characters she creates.