Samah Damanhoori

Samah is the reason this team has been assembled; it’s her story we’re telling. Her role will be to oversee the project, bring in donors, and spread the word that is Madina Papel. She hopes for a better adaptation of change in her country, Saudi Arabia, through education and acceptance. She sees Madina Papel as the new family she chose. Her belief drives her passion for Madina Papel and to create with love.Our dream is to spread social awareness and acceptance of differences one project at a time and show the world it's okay to be who you are.

Samah Damanhoori is a notable figure known for her resilience, activism, and contributions to various fields, including technology, media, and human rights. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, her journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs, reflecting her unwavering commitment to empowerment and change.

After facing adversity when her Saudi scholarship was abruptly canceled by her father, who served as her male guardian, Samah found asylum and a green card in the United States. Her determination led her to complete a Master's degree in Creative Writing at Notre Dame de Namur University in 2017, supported by her university supervisor and friends in the Bay Area who provided her with essential resources and support.

Her involvement in significant initiatives, such as the "Freedom Drive" campaign, played a crucial role in the transformation of laws in Saudi Arabia, specifically those pertaining to women's rights to travel without male permission. Samah's activism extended to producing an HBO documentary that aided in the rescue of two Saudi women, amplifying her impact on a global scale.

Her professional accomplishments include her role as a producer for a project at Apple, where her innovative contributions inspired the company to introduce a new approach, highlighting her commitment to diversity and inclusion. Additionally, she founded her own animation company, Madina Papel LLC, which gained recognition and success with the release of the short animated movie "Paper City" and her contribution to the powerful song "Black Water," serving as a voice for marginalized women.

Samah's perseverance and dedication to her chosen path led to her participation in prestigious accelerator programs such as Techstars, powered by JP Morgan, and Hive Founders, affirming her status as an influential entrepreneur and leader. Despite challenges orchestrated by her father, she defied expectations by building successful careers at renowned companies like Meta, HBO, Apple, Genentech, and Genvid. Her involvement in Women of Color Unite and The Alwan Foundation further solidified her role as a prominent leader and advocate for underrepresented communities.

Through her artistic endeavors, community building, and advocacy work, Samah continues to be a beacon of strength and inspiration for individuals striving for self-empowerment and societal change.