Sarah Natochenny
Voice Over

Sarah Natochenny has been the voice of Ash Ketchum and 30 other characters on Pokémon since 2006. She has made several videos about voice acting and dubbing with Vanity Fair, and has spoken at UC Berkeley, at conferences in DC, Georgia and Armenia, and at many comic cons internationally. She won a Voice Arts Award in 2019 and a Webby for best Celebrity/Fan Social Media in 2023. Sarah trained at Lee Strasberg and UCB in her native NYC, and is new to LA. During her time in NYC, she led many animated series and films, worked extensively as a film editor, and did occasional stage and screen work. She’s acted opposite Oscar/Golden Globe nominees in award winning podcasts. Sarah is excited to work with Samah, Jessie and this wonderful team to support the effort to empower women everywhere.